HM Partners spent the time doing market research with operators of various small businesses around the Melbourne metropolitan area. This study highlighted the need for a service provider who offers more accessible specialised services to the Small to Medium Enterprise Market (“SME”s). Our research has indicated that the specific needs of small business are quite unique, and currently not catered for in today's market. Therefore we at HM Partners, have tailored our services to assist your business in achieving what is important to you.

We offer Tailored services in response to the needs of your business so that you can achieve your personal goals.

We understand that standard compliance services are also essential to business and we do not neglect these requirements. However with some of these services, we aim to provide the necessary tools and knowledge to manage these more effectively and efficiently by the business owner (or bookkeeper), so we can provide more value added services that really count.

We do recognise that most of these services are available in today's business environment from the majority of accounting firms, but our research has indicated that the number of “qualified professionals” operating outside the Large Global Accounting Firms that provide such specialised services is not only scarce, but in the majority of cases, unaffordable to your market. There is less than 5 business consulting firms in Melbourne that offer specialised services, which again target mostly big business. We target small business to help them achieve their success, not only because of the expertise we can offer, but because of the personable nature of our staff and our commitment to delivering the services of choice to our clients at an affordable price. At HM Partners, we build a relationship based on the belief that our clients' success is our success.